Dance for Dignity - with Cre8dance

Get on board for $79 - 10% goes to Friends with Dignity.

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Support an incredible charity. Dance your way to dignity and raise needed funds for Friends With Dignity.
Step One: Learn the Moves

Step Two: Follow the weekly videos that take the inspiration to creation

Step Three: Follow our routine and learn it to become part of an online event or live flashmob
Access and share fun dances and inspiration that mean you take time to dance - for you, or the world.
Fresh Inspiration
Hints & Tips to Improve Your Dance
Increase Your Confidence
Create from home or school or work with family, friends, or colleagues
Effortless to Learn
Experienced Instructors
The MOST Important Membership Dance Series Ever
There are thousands of reasons why you should join Cre8dance but here's 3 good ones
Access Your Lessons Online
Complete the levels and master each dance in your own time online. Lessons will be sent to you and you will be reminded about them. Getting your life on track for serious dance improvement.
Improve Your Dance And Mindset
Improve your dance and your mindset as you see and feel progress. Gain confidence and grow by conquering the levels.
What You Want From Dance
It's up to you to set your pace. Stay on target with your dance goals. Gain mindfulness, creativity, fitness or improved technique; your focus and your choice with Cre8dance.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot
What is the refund policy for Cre8dance Membership?
Your registration fee for Cre8ance Membership is not refundable. If you want to try the membership first, you can do the $1 trial and work out if it is right for you before opting in. 
How do I get copies of my invoice?
Your Invoices are always available to you in your account under Account Details. If you would like us to email you an invoice, contact
How can I change what email address our invoices are being sent to?
Email our Support Team at They will ask you to verify the account with security questions.